“Stay Tuned”

Have you ever started a project and gotten so overwhelmed you never finished it?

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was fantastic, but turned out in some way to be unsustainable?

Or maybe it just felt unsustainable?

Have you, like so many, had high aspirations for your time “sheltered indoors” during a global pandemic, assuming you’d have more time to “better” yourself – learn a language, a musical instrument, read through that stack of books, or finally write that short story, novel, or collection of poetry?

I assume I’m not alone. But I’ve learned that the first step in no longer kicking myself over what I haven’t accomplished… is to stop kicking myself.

You are where you are. You are in no other place. The only air you are breathing is the air in front of you. Allow yourself to be where you are, without judgment. And breathe.

We’ll get through this – and what you end up taking with you alone will be accomplishment, enough. And every breath can be a celebration.

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