About Me

Hi! I’m Paul Mitchell Wilder, non-profit worker, foodie, performer, explorer, and yoga & meditation teacher. My husband and I currently live in New York City, trying to navigate life with three dogs and two cats (yes, you read that correctly) and more than a handful of responsibilities!

A former teacher, I work currently as an event planner for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and am working on both my 300 hr yoga teacher certification from Sonic Yoga in Hell’s Kitchen, and my 200 hr meditation teacher certification with Dr. Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine. I also pursue acting, and have been involved in numerous new work festivals and concerts/showcases throughout Manhattan. Most recently, I’ve been performing with my dear friends at the Blue Hill Troupe, a theatre charity over 95 years old!

If I could give anyone any advice, I would say always “Bloom Where You’re Planted.” My biggest hope is that this blog – which I’ve begun to share how am trying to bloom here in NYC – might inspire you to do just that!